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Companies Showcase Defense Tech
Cutting-edge companies demonstrated intellectual property from top research universities commercialized for dual-use, civilian and military markets at NSIN Emerge Accelerator Showcase Day. Innovators with emerging technology at our nation’s top research universities pitched potential Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial investors at the National Security Innovation Network… Read More
Can innovative procurement live up to its promise?
Today we are faced with quickly evolving challenges from public health and international relations to climate-related disasters and cyberattacks. Meeting all of these challenges requires our government to take quick action using new tools. Quick action with unproven technology is not something inherent in the DNA of government,… Read More
How to mitigate the threat of industrial base consolidation
Originally posted on Federal News Network. The Defense Department recently released a report, State of Competition in the Defense Industrial Base, which came to the bold conclusion that consolidation in the defense industrial market is a national security threat. The threat being that less competition… Read More
What The Federal?
If you’re a tech product company looking at the bureaucracy across government agencies you’re probably asking yourself (internally at least) “WTFederal?!”
5 Federal Market Questions for Tech Companies
The government desperately needs commercial tech, but let’s be real — breaking into the federal market is hard. There is a lot of time, money, and risk involved. Here are a few things every tech company should think about if interested in scaling in the federal market.
3 VCs That Know Federal
Top VCs are realizing the value the federal market offers tech companies. These VCs are making more investments in companies that have federal applications and support their portfolio companies as they break into the federal market.
Dcode Resource Round-up
Dcode connects the tech industry and government to drive commercial innovation in the federal market. Dcode’s mission is to improve the way the government runs by helping emerging tech companies, federal agencies, and industry partners understand each other and work together.