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Meet Dcode’s 2020 AI and Big Data Companies

February 5, 2020 / Dcode

As our first 2020 accelerator cohort kicks off, we are excited to announce 12 artificial intelligence (AI) and big data companies are participating in our acceleration program to kick start their entry into the federal market.

AI is a hot topic for the government. From an investment perspective, there is a deep bench of companies with extremely relevant use cases. 

In the government, we know process reigns above all. Which is one of the reasons AI offers so much opportunity. Think about the sheer amount of data that the government has. These AI and big data companies can help government agencies and program offices sift through and clean their data and build on that foundation to automate processes, saving time, money, and providing better outcomes.

AI is such a massive category, and these companies specialize in all different niches of the market, ranging from digital customization to cybersecurity, to drone platforms. Without further ado, meet the 2020 AI & Big Data cohort, which includes: is the world’s first human-assisted AI for building custom digital products.’s platform combines artificial intelligence with the expertise of top-notch software engineers that are employed by rigorously-vetted software development shops. The final product consists of custom digital products that are built faster, more accurately, and at lower cost than traditional software development methods.

Constellation provides cybersecurity for big data. The Constellation Hypergraph Network provides a scalable and secure distributed network that validates data. For enterprise and public sector clients, they address digital threat vectors prone to big data initiatives, IoT, and data transportation. Constellation’s developer-focused solution provides compatible data engineering tools that add security to existing data management solutions and sources of data.

Fraym uses AI/ML to produce unprecedented, local-level information on human and population characteristics focusing on hard-to-understand geographies in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. The tech combines remote sensing data with geo-tagged household survey data, yielding insight on the economic, demographic, social, health, psychographic, and other characteristics of a community or neighborhood to assess risks, make plans, allocate resources, and anticipate significant events like violence, unrest, and economic shocks.

HyperScience is the leader in the use of machine learning to classify and extract data from diverse document types with higher rates of accuracy and automation than previously possible. The HyperScience platform helps decrease the costs and errors associated with manual data entry and frees up high-cost employees to focus on activities that drive the business forward.

Imandra Inc. is the world-leader in cloud-scale automated reasoning, democratizing deep advances in algorithm analysis and symbolic AI, including any decision-making processes from complex trading systems to deep neural networks and logistics problems to battlefield and intelligence modeling. Imandra is used by leading financial institutions to design, test and analyze complex trading systems.

Lynq allows devices to transmit any type of low-bandwidth data for miles without networks or infrastructure. Lynq’s software can be integrated into any device and, within seconds, each is able to create their own secure, decentralized and rapidly deployable network capable of communicating with any “connected Lynq,” the foundation for an ecosystem. The first implementation of the tech is a radio frequency (RF) quiet, jamming resistant standalone location device that improves situational awareness, squad vector logic/formation, and allows operators to tag/track/locate anyone or anything. U.S. Pacific Command issued a report that cited use of Lynq led to a 61% reduction in time spent to locate wounded and unconscious soldiers.

Sema has built a SaaS solution that measures the quality of code and developer contributions to code quality, productivity and knowledge in real time. The Fortune 500 and leading software acquirers use Sema’s solution to manage third party development partners, tackle legacy system modernization, manage their workforce, and de-risk transitions — such as switching development partners or mergers and acquisitions.

Sequentum is a developer of intelligent web data extraction and web automation software designed to focus on web scraping and web automation technologies. The company’s web data extraction and web automation software manages large data volumes and helps in debugging, logging, agent management, error handling and recovery, enabling businesses to significantly reduce the time, effort and cost of precise web data extraction at scale and get new opportunities for monetizing the web.

Teal is an unmanned systems platform company that is focused on development of Group 1 small sUAS hardware and software. Teal has developed a full-stack universal drone platform that can be leveraged in both Enterprise and Defense verticals. As a U.S. company with U.S.-made components and manufacturing, Teal is one of the few sUAS options that can provide the capability, security, and accessibility required by its customers. Teal is a current participant in the U.S. Army’s Short Range Reconnaissance development program, providing warfighters with superior surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in the battlefield.

Trueface is a leading U.S. developer of computer vision and facial recognition solutions. The company’s technology is platform agnostic, capable of running on any camera, embedded chipsets, servers, desktops, and at the edge. Solutions include real-time facial recognition, liveness detection, object detection, weapon detection, age verification, and license plate recognition. Trueface can be deployed in containers and operate with no connectivity if needed to ensure maximum privacy of sensitive data and zero latency for mission-critical deployments.

Throughout the 10 weeks of Dcode Accelerate, these companies will convene in Washington, D.C. three times for in-person sessions and deep dives into the curriculum. The rest of the programming is part-time and virtual to suit busy schedules, and the aim is to equip these companies with the knowledge, resources, and community they need to succeed in the federal market.

Email us at to for the chance to meet these exciting companies in person.