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Increasing Government Innovation Through GovReady

December 13, 2019 / Dcode

Compliance protocols are key components of cybersecurity and information security companies and are essential to their development and credibility. Although compliance processes are necessary for all organizations across industries, the process remains arduous, expensive, and time consuming.

GovReady solves this problem, providing a platform to accelerate and automate the compliance process. GovReady is a public benefit corporation that offers an open-source toolkit to help companies use their existing information to accurately and efficiently navigate compliance processes.

GovReady founder and CEO, Greg Elin, brings his experience from his time as the Chief Data Officer at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), where he noticed inefficiencies in the compliance processes and patterns that could be automated using the right technology. With this specific problem in mind, Greg founded GovReady in 2014.

GovReady aids the compliance process by mapping individual system components to the compliance controls and document it as necessary. The GovReady Compliance server automates a growing list of compliance processes; including FISMA, NIST Risk Management Framework, 800-53, and DFARS 800-171. GovReady utilizes Compliance Apps that organize your technology stack as it relates to security controls, an Automation API to continually update the system, and OpenControl repositories that provide replicable results.

GovReady worked with developers to create component-centric guidance and build apps that map system components to compliance controls and include compliance documentation. When users select apps to build their systems from the GovReady-Q Compliance Server, their SSP automatically populates.

In 2016, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded GovReady $1.1 million to aid mid-size companies in developing systems for federal agencies and clients. Because certification and accreditation (C&A) processes are difficult to navigate without the proper background, they can often be a deterrent for companies looking to enter the federal market. GovReady solves this problem by making the process less painful, fueling government innovation.

Learn more about our acceleration program for tech companies looking to break into and scale in the federal market here