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Dcode Resource Round-up

May 5, 2021 / Dcode

Dcode connects the tech industry and government to drive commercial innovation in the federal market. Dcode’s mission is to improve the way the government runs by helping emerging tech companies, federal agencies, and industry partners understand each other and work together.

Getting the best tech into government requires thorough vetting to ensure its security, compliance, and federal viability. We rigorously vet the companies that go through our accelerator to ensure they are a good fit, and well-equipped to support government missions..

At Dcode, we measure success by the tech companies we work with delivering MVPs and new programs of record, meaning our focus is on making sure the tech companies we work with provide the federal government with real, valuable solutions that improve mission outcomes.

To ensure we’re solving the challenge from both sides, we offer assessments and educational courses for government leaders to teach them how to shift culture, understand innovative acquisitions, and lead efforts to adopt emerging tech that positively impact the mission. To support government leaders in all phases of the innovation lifecycle, we offer assessments and recommendations to get started, training courses to enact sustainable growth and modernization, accelerators to ensure tech is ready to scale in the federal market, and custom advisory services to address specific innovation needs.

To drive government innovation from all angles, we work with industry partners, to help them access the best tech, deliver custom training courses for clients’ needs, scout solutions that are the right fit for government missions, and provide real innovative capabilities for federal clients.

Another way Dcode supports companies scaling in the federal market is through Dcode Capital, an invitation-only network of angel investors, VCs, and technology and government legends supporting the tech that can move our country forward.

Lastly, Dcode leadership helped launch The Alliance for Commercial Tech in Government, a trade association advocating for startups and the commercial tech sector, with a mission that aligns with Dcode’s:helping the government leverage the most innovative and highest-quality tech solutions that can solve challenges and move our country forward.

Interested in taking a step further into the Dcode community? Check out our resources below and then get in touch.

Resources for Tech

Alumni Portfolio

Get to know all the companies we’ve worked with in tech areas like cybersecurity, space tech, analytics, and artificial intelligence, and learn about their federal market use cases and success stories.

Federal Checklist

Establish a baseline understanding of your tech company’s readiness to enter the federal market with this checklist created in partnership with Amazon Web Services.

End-of-Fiscal-Year Guide

Expand your existing federal footprint at the end of the government fiscal year with strategies and insights from our government contracting experts.

Dcode Virtual

Learn from government leaders and Dcode experts in live, virtual sessions for both tech and government audiences. We cover a range of topics from the SBIR program to an end-of-fiscal-year strategy. Check out the full lineup at:

Why startups should tap into the government market

Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger reflects on tech company success stories and why the past year especially has underscored the need for commercial tech companies to look to the federal market as a growth strategy.

Now is the time to pursue end-of-year spending to scale your startup

In BuiltIn, tech engagement manager Terry Rydz dives into why the end of the government fiscal year is a key time for contract opportunities, and explains some ways to get started.

Why DevOps and federal agencies need each other

Tech engagement manager Lauren Strayhorn writes about DevOps use cases in the federal government, and opportunities for DevOps and DevSecOps to improve government missions.

Learn more about scaling in the federal market with Dcode Accelerate

Resources for Government

End-of-Fiscal-Year Guide

For government leaders, the end of the fiscal year comes with pressure to use funds or risk losing them. We’ve outlined key considerations to help you make the most of your funds and set your organization up for future success at the end of the fiscal year.

Dcode Virtual

Dcode hosts government leaders like United States Air Force CIO Lauren Knausenerger, Army Futures Lieutenant General Todd, and United States Navy’s James “Hondo” Geurts” for live, virtual sessions on topics like lessons learned from telework, the future of the U.S. innovation ecosystem, and how to modernize with emerging tech.

Choosing the right commercial tech for government

Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger lays out steps for government leaders and acquisitions pros to take advantage of innovative tech solutions from the private sector, and makes the case for why it’s vital to choose commercial tech that can advance defense missions.

Tackling both sides of the government innovation challenge

Dcode managing director Rebecca Gevalt understands bringing commercial tech into the federal market requires a comprehensive solution that tackles both sides of the challenge, and shares how both government agencies and commercial tech companies can work together.

What government needs to know about accelerators

Why accelerators are an important tool for bridging the gap between the tech industry and federal agencies, and how to make sure the programs you work with align with federal needs and goals, from Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger in Fedscoop.

Tech policy is a matter of national security

In Defense News, Dcode board advisor Bob Scher discusses why innovation is vital to the future of national security, and why American security depends on the future of tech policy and funding.

Refresh market research to find top tech

Market research is typically thought of as a FAR requirement, but Dcode cEO Meagan Metzger argues that it’s an important tool to uncover the best commercial tech solutions, and details how to get the best results from your agency’s efforts.

Commanders need to know innovative acquisitions

From former Dcode fellow and current AFWERX Captain Garrett Custons, why Commanders and military leaders need to understand the complexities and challenges of innovative acquisitions to solve squadron problems and support operators.

Alumni Portfolio

Get to know all the Vetted for Federal™ companies we’ve worked with in tech areas like cybersecurity, space tech, analytics, and artificial intelligence, learn about how they are well-equipped to support government missions, and read stories of past success.

Learn more about getting started with tech innovation at the GovHub