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Assess & Recommend

For government organizations at the start of the innovation journey, our Dcode Diagnostic™ assesses the current state of innovation in your government organization and recommends how to best achieve your mission objectives. Dcode’s diagnostic tools evaluate innovation maturity and benchmark innovation governance to enable a tailored roadmap to drive real, lasting change with tangible mission outcomes.

We’ll interview stakeholders, host a workshop for your team, and provide a written assessment of your priorities, challenges, desired outcomes, stakeholders, end users, and organizational culture.


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Educate & Connect

For government organizations ready to scale innovation efforts, we offer a full suite of interactive courses and our tech accelerator — all of which help the government enact the sustainable iterative growth and modernization that is needed to compete globally.

Access Dcode’s community platform, Nexus, to engage with venture capital, innovative technology, and our broader network of government and industry leaders.


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Training Suite

  • Dcode Lead +

    Prepares senior leadership for organizational transformation and addresses the core principles and frameworks needed to lead innovation
  • Dcode Advance +

    A foundational course on innovation in government, showing leaders how to apply the methods and best practices of entrepreneurs and make them actionable in government
  • Dcode Sustain +

    A direct follow-on course to Dcode Advance focused on teaching government how to evaluate like an investor to know which prototypes and solutions to scale
  • Dcode Enable +

    Educates support functions like budget and human resources on how to catch innovation and scale into larger programs
  • Dcode Procure +

    Focuses on how to use FAR and non-FAR contracting methods to drive innovation and attract nontraditional suppliers
  • Dcode Eureka +

    A one-day course for government leaders looking to implement specific tech solutions in support of their missions

Tech Accelerator

  • Dcode Accelerate +

    Dcode accelerates venture-backed, private sector tech companies into the federal market, teaching them everything they need to know to provide value to the U.S. government customer and scale.

Advise & Assist

For government organizations looking for tailored support and expertise, Dcode can work with your organization to address your specific needs across the innovation lifecycle from problem definition to scaling tech solutions and transitioning pilots to programs of record.

Dcode provides a range of advisory services to support agile acquisition strategies and tech engagement:

/ Horizon scanning to identify sector-specific mega-trends that can inform government mission readiness

/ Identification and prioritization of use cases that will attract the best technology with the greatest potential to improve mission outcomes

/ Outreach and engagement to attract emerging tech companies for solicitation, industry days, tech roundtables, and other events

/ Tech scouting and vetting to source emerging tech solutions that can best support government mission needs

/ Agile acquisition strategy and support designed to encourage nontraditional emerging tech participation


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Meet our Government Advisory Board

We’ve assembled the best of the best.

These leaders have been in your shoes and can provide advice, lessons learned, and connections to support your innovation efforts.

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