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The federal market is notoriously difficult, and barriers to entry are high without the right partners. Since 2016, Dcode has been de-risking fed channel entry for venture-backed companies.

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4 ways Dcode partners with VCs:

Dcode makes venture-backed companies sustainable players in the federal space.


Dcode works with your portfolio companies’ leadership teams to get them the knowledge they need to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of selling to federal agencies.


Our team has helped 150+ venture-backed companies, including 20+ unicorns, break into and scale in the federal market. We have our own VC, Dcode Capital, which invests at the growth stage in the companies we’ve helped win revenue.


We know what it takes to work with founders and C-suites to land-and-expand in the difficult, but extremely sticky federal market to increase company value with an eye toward a future fundraise or exit.

4 ways Dcode partners with VCs:

  • Upskilling your portfolio companies’ leadership teams +

    through our focused Fed Market Bootcamp, which only requires around 2 hours per week

  • De-risking fed market entry +

    by giving leadership teams the tools they need to make the right resourcing and strategy decisions

  • Setting companies up for long-term success +

    because they know how to staff and forecast a fed-focused business line

  • Showcasing your value-add to your portfolio companies +

    Partner VCs get discounted pricing for their portfolio companies.

When should companies work with Dcode


Early Stage

Founder teams trying to figure out if and when to go after the federal market.


It’s cheaper and easier to work with Dcode than hire and fire a series of fed salespeople. Trust us – we’ve seen it many times.


We talk to founders all the time with questions like: what’s the TAM, where should I start, and when do I hire? Bootcamp gives founders the tools to correctly time market entry and start the right way.


Growth Stage

CROs or VP of Sales launching or managing a fed sales team. They know they want the upside of the federal market but have little to no experience in it.


It can be tough to manage your C-Suite’s and Board’s expectations and assess team performance without understanding the market.

Dcode’s Fed Market Bootcamp

Bootcamp is perfect for leadership teams who want to quickly open up – or expand across – the federal market. Bootcamp condenses years of federal expertise into an 8-week structured program for executives which arms them with the knowledge required to manage a federal vertical.


Think of it like an 8-week executive MBA for the federal market.

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