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Start Marketing to Government

February 20, 2019 / Dcode

Much of what works for the private sector won’t fly in the government So, marketing to government has to be different.

Your marketing is already top-notch, but you aren’t seeing the results you know you can achieve from a federal audience? We feel your pain.

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges in the public sector, because the strategies are so different than in the private sector. A tried-and-true method that you rely on for commercial clients might not strike the right tone in the federal space.

How can you make sure your marketing efforts aren’t in vain?

Learn the differences. To get started, it’s worth investing time up front to learn the segment your federal audience and research some of the differences that aren’t so obvious.

Government places a premium on compliance, past performance, and trust. Government has a reputation or being extremely risk-averse, it’s important to keep that in mind as you seek out your niche. However you choose to weave these topics into your marketing, be sure it’s clear to government prospects that your product/service is low-risk and high-compliance.

Price isn’t the deciding factor. Federal agencies are focused on achieving their missions and serving the public, rather than the bottom line. They will pay a premium for assurance and support. This doesn’t mean throwing any pricing numbers into the ring will get the results you want, but rather, focus on how those metrics may change your messaging.

Processes are complex. No doubt, you’ve heard about the red tape and regulations a lot, but there’s more. Government customers will also rely on systems integrators and partners for implementations. Security restrictions are commonplace. This means you may have to rethink the avenues you choose to try and reach your audience.

Actions to Take

We want you to leave this blog post with steps to move forward with your federal strategy.

Think about what kind of content the federal audience consumes. Product specs and data research go a long way for this crowd.

Target buyers with education rather than a sales pitch to build trust and comfort with the product or service your company provides.

Think outside traditional advertising channels. Social media may be a great resource for the private sector, but you can bet government firewalls have twitter blocked.

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