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7 Technology Companies In Dcode’s Cybersecurity Program

May 7, 2019 / Dcode

Dcode is excited to share that we have seven cybersecurity companies participating in our program focused on federal go-to-market strategies and engagement with key government and industry leaders.

To bring commercial solutions to government missions, our cybersecurity program will connect these cutting-edge technology companies with hundreds of government and industry leaders. Dcode runs several industry-specific programs every year to make sure tech companies are ready to face the challenge of breaking into the federal marketplace.

The seven companies in this year’s cybersecurity cohort range from identity and access management to compliance and cloud security, and collectively, they have raised over $300 million in venture capital funding. Check out cybersecurity companies we selected from dozens of applicants:

  • AnomalousDL is a deep learning technology built on a two-layered meta and narrow artificial intelligence system for cybersecurity monitoring.
  • GovReady automates and accelerates the federal compliance process for enterprise IT systems through its unique assessment engine that both teaches and gathers data.
  • Gravitational offers solutions to deploy and manage applications across multiple cloud environments when security and compliance are critical.
  • HYPR is a decentralized authentication platform that enables consumers and employees to securely and seamlessly access mobile, web, and Internet of Things applications while increasing the cost for potential attackers.
  • Ionic Security provides consistent access, control, and protection to unstructured and structured data across any repository or device, regardless of whether the location is on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Shape Security monitors and analyzes user interaction data to detect and defend against malicious automated cyber attacks on web and mobile applications in real time.
  • Wickr ensures, through device-to-device encryption as well as room and message expiration settings, that communication data doesn’t remain beyond the useful life and intended recipients.

Over the course of our 10-week program, the cybersecurity companies will join us in Washington, D.C. for intensive in-person events and programming three of those weeks. The rest of the program consists of a virtual, part-time curriculum.

As part of the cybersecurity program, we’ll host briefings, roundtables, and receptions for both government and industry stakeholders to introduce the cohort to dozens of agency programs and prime contractors. The Dcode team and community of mentors will also provide hands-on support, tools, and materials, guiding the cohort to scale quickly and successfully in the government.

Once the cybersecurity companies have completed the program, they will have access to ongoing support and the invaluable Dcode community as they continue to work on bringing new tech solutions to the government.