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The Role Partners Play in Bringing Tech to Government

June 19, 2020 / Dcode

Government contractors, systems integrators, and federal consulting firms are expected to help the government implement innovative and effective solutions — but as the commercial market outpaces the government, it can be difficult to bridge the gap. As Dcode’s CEO Meagan Metzger wrote, “you already know that the private sector tech market is outpacing the government. What might be less obvious is the impact on incumbent government contractors.”

Understanding government needs is half the battle, but without a finger on the pulse of the commercial innovation landscape, these organizations risk being outpaced.

To pull ahead as a clear leader, they need to not only implement reliable, successful solutions for government, but also identify the government organizations that are working on the most cutting-edge projects, and team up with fully-vetted emerging tech solutions that can solve challenges.

For emerging tech companies, working with the right partners can jumpstart its market presence and federal business development pipeline. Established government contractors, and systems integrators, and federal consulting firms are in a similarly unique position where they work within the tech sphere and the government world. This gives them an understanding of both the innovation landscape and the challenges of bringing innovative tech into government.

Partners can play a role in bringing innovative tech to government in a few different ways:

  • Partners can leverage their existing federal contacts to help get nontraditional tech in the door and on contract.

Dcode has worked with over 100 emerging tech companies, and the majority of these companies eventually partner with firms like Carahsoft, DLT, SHI, and Immix to take advantage of their contract vehicles and speed up the process. If your firm has inroads with the most innovative government projects and cutting-edge commercial tech that has a proven record in the private sector, you’ll be at the top of the innovation food chain.

  • Partners can work with emerging tech solutions to facilitate rapid response to federal solicitations such as OTAs, CSO, or other contract opportunities seeking nontraditional companies.

If a major systems integrator is responding to an RFI or RFP for a particular kind of tech, they need to “scout” the best emerging tech around 5G use cases. Dcode alumni companies have already gone through Dcode’s extensive tech scouting process, and are often referenced by Dcode partners in responses to such requests, making the process of identifying and vetting tech solutions for government projects efficient and more successful.

  • Partners open the door for teaming opportunities.

Opportunities to team with innovative tech companies make it clear that your firm is ahead of the curve, while other firms are getting left behind. The Docde community is full of alumni companies that have teamed up with partners and achieved phenomenal results.

Dcode alumni company Trifacta worked with Leidos to integrate their data wrangling solution into Leidos’ CAADS platform at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), shortening data wrangling task time from 6 weeks to a single day.

Another alumni company, Wickr has scaled quickly to meet increased government need and provide fast implementation of secure telework solutions during the COVID-19 epidemic, crediting their partnership with General Dynamics Information Technology as a prime contractor as a key enabler.

Both emerging tech companies and partners win when they combine forces. Partner participation in the Dcode Accelerator is growing and we’re excited to help partners deliver value to their federal customers through the Dcode Community.

When you become part of the Dcode Community, you build name recognition with cutting edge commercial tech companies, as well as government leaders, which helps your organization. The government is increasingly interested in emerging tech. Become the go-to when they need solutions and learn more about partnering with Dcode here