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The Former Acting DHS Secretary and Dcode are Teaming up to Help the Trade and Travel Industries

July 16, 2020 / Dcode

In May 2020, Dcode announced a partnership with Pangiam to bring our tried-and-true acceleration program to help emerging tech companies break into and scale in the trade and travel industries. Former Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and co-founder of Pangiam, Kevin McAleenan, joined Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger in this Dcode Virtual session to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with bringing emerging technology into the trade and travel sectors.

Watch Mr. McAleenan’s full session here.

Mr. McAleenan’s expertise in the trade and travel industries comes from his years as Acting Secretary of DHS and as the Commissioner of Customs and Border Patrol. He says the “best moments” of his government career were when he had “public-private partnerships come together” to focus on “taking innovative technologies and applying it to make things safer and more secure, or more facilitative and better for customers.”

Now, in his role at Pangiam, a public-private partnership company that aims to facilitate relationships between emerging tech and the trade and travel industries, Mr. AcAleenan sees how a similar philosophy can be applied, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. As these industries are major contributors to the United States economy, Mr. McAleenan stresses the importance of getting the domestic and foreign travel industries back on their feet. He sees “a real opportunity for disruptive and innovative technology” to solve major industry challenges and knows that the travel industry is ready to invest in these solutions.

The trade and travel industries are two of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Pangiam’s deep experience with trade and travel and Dcode’s focus on helping emerging tech navigate highly regulated industries aims to help them arise stronger than before.

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