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Helping Federal Agencies Discover the Art of the Possible

July 17, 2020 / Dcode

As the head of Accenture Federal Services’ federal technology business, Tom Greiner is constantly exploring “the art of the possible.” To Mr. Griener, this means establishing a tone from the top that encourages experimentation with a range of new technologies to make internal processes more efficient, from mixed reality to IoT. Tom Greiner joined our Dcode Virtual series to talk about the problems he’s working to help solve across federal agencies, the possibilities becoming available, and advice on how to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Watch Mr. Greiner’s full session here

Accenture Federal Services has been working for years to drive disruptive and innovative solutions into the workplace. Now, with organizations finally understanding the value of these technologies, Mr. Greiner is prepared to help them understand the art of the possible.

In his role at Accenture Federal Services, Mr. Greiner describes himself as the “matchmaker between government problems and the whole startup world.” When organizations approach Mr. Greiner and his team with a problem, it is his responsibility to connect them with the tech companies that have “best thinking and latest tech” to develop the ideal solution for them.

With many federal agencies rushing to integrate new tech into their daily processes, Mr. Greiner believes the pandemic will “accelerate the natural progression” of government innovation. He says agencies must begin to consider how this will affect them, and stay ahead of the trends.

To the organizations that feel like they are falling behind, Mr. Greiner advises that the tone from the top drives change. He recommends that organizations work to develop a culture that embraces emerging technology. Mr. Greiner believes that now that government organizations are recognizing that virtual is a viable work model, “the work environment will be changed hereafter, and that excites me.”

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