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HYAS Answers the Hard Cybersecurity Questions

April 15, 2021 / Dcode

HYAS leverages unmatched insights into cyber adversary infrastructure to enable government agencies to identify and track the infrastructure used in attacks. Adversary infrastructure underpins attack vectors including malware, ransomware, supply chain and phishing attacks that have been exacerbated by the pandemic and a distributed workforce. To support this company that can move our country forward, Dcode Capital participated in HYAS’ $16M Series B led by S3 Ventures, with Uncorrelated Ventures, Tightline Holdings, Cyber Mentor Fund, M12, Startup Capital Ventures, Wesley Clover, and 205 Capital.

Cybersecurity remains a top concern for federal organizations, and it’s been listed on the General Accountability Office’s high-risk list. HYAS’ knowledge of adversary infrastructure resulted in the development of HYAS Insight for analysts and investigators requiring threat intelligence focused on adversary infrastructure. With the launch of HYAS Protect, a new product that combines HYAS’ infrastructure expertise and adversary communication pattern analysis to help customers mitigate threats in real time, HYAS is well positioned to provide proactive cybersecurity for government agencies and increase its total addressable market.

HYAS uses exclusive and unique data to answer the hard questions about cyberattacks for their Fortune 500 and government customers faster, ensuring they can take action to prevent attacks. By identifying the infrastructure behind an attack, HYAS’ technology enables organizations to get ahead of attacks.

The federal government can certainly use a solution that not only helps mitigate cyberattacks, but can prevent them altogether, minimizing threats to confidential information. Some of HYAS’ federal use cases include:

Proactive Security & Threat Intelligence

HYAS detects emerging attack infrastructure and enables organizations to take steps to disrupt it before it can be leveraged in future attacks. Both HYAS Insight and HYAS Protect enable government agencies to get ahead of their cyber adversaries.

HYAS Insight helps investigators to understand the infrastructure behind cyber incursions using malware and phishing.

HYAS Protect is a generational leap forward that uses authoritative knowledge of attacker infrastructure including unrivaled domain-based intelligence to proactively protect organizations from cyberattacks. HYAS Protect offers flexibility and can be deployed as a cloud-based protective DNS solution or through API integration with existing security solutions.

Breach Investigation

When an attack happens, it’s important to get answers quickly: who’s attacking, where they are, and what their attack infrastructure looks like. HYAS’ solutions offer deep insight and analysis on the adversary signal, providing unmatched threat intelligence and insights that can aid investigations.

HYAS Insight enables organizations to understand infrastructure behind the attack, and find vital information that can aid forensics as well as cyber fraud and incident investigations. HYAS’ solutions enable de-obfuscation and correlation of adversary infrastructure to accelerate decision-making during incident investigations and cut down on response time.

Organizations with missions like Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that defend and share critical information about infrastructure, or those focused on apprehending cyber adversaries, like DoD’s Cyber Crime Center (DC3) and State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, could benefit from HYAS’ solutions to provide insights and aid investigations. Organizations like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) already trust HYAS to enable them to act, not react, to prevent cyber situations and take control in an ever-changing data environment.

Working with Dcode, HYAS refined their go-to-market strategy and mapped use cases to federal agencies that could benefit from proactive cybersecurity and the ability to thwart attacks before they even start. After completing Dcode Accelerate, HYAS is now fully vetted for federal and well equipped to help improve mission outcomes.


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