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Trueface Solves Mission Challenges with Computer Vision

April 7, 2021 / Dcode

Computer vision is a bleeding-edge technology that has massive potential to help the government improve operations, security, and intelligence. Like all new tech, computer vision is risky for the government to implement if it has not been thoughtfully engineered or properly vetted.

With a product that is responsibly built, ethically sound, and fully Vetted for Federal™, agencies can be confident in implementing Trueface’s solutions.

From identifying persona non grata from watch lists of thousands to slowing the spread of Covid-19 by reducing the need for person-to-person security screening, Trueface helps government agencies and the military solve challenges with computer vision and facial recognition software. Trueface’s solutions are more accurate, less biased, do not fatigue like humans and can scan one billion faces in a single second to recognize just one.

Entering the Federal Market

Trueface, a series A-funded company based in Los Angeles, CA got its start deploying facial recognition solutions in industries like healthcare, finance, and hospitality. Like many tech companies with both commercial and government applications, Trueface initially entered the federal market through an Air Force SBIR contract, contactlessly authenticating employees, contractors, and visitors at a US air base. After this first big win, Trueface had big plans to increase its federal market presence and sought guidance from Dcode to scale effectively.

Working with Dcode, Trueface fine-tuned its messaging and content, tailored its federal approach, and forged key relationships that grew its federal footprint. The connections and expertise through Dcode helped Trueface win two more federal contracts and solidify a channel partner at a critical time.

During the coronavirus pandemic, facial recognition went from a new and innovative option to an essential solution to reduce person-to-person contact. Both Eglin Air Force Base and Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst use Trueface’s technology for “frictionless access control,” verifying faces quickly and accurately, while minimizing risks to security personnel.

Continuing Success

Since becoming Vetted for Federal™, all Trueface does is win. Trueface competed in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) 1:N Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) and placed third out of all western companies in the visa kiosk category. With an achievement like that, it’s no surprise Trueface’s solutions are in high demand in the Department of Defense.

Trueface was already built for success in the federal market, with a responsible facial recognition technology that has government use cases in contactless access, security, weapons detection, and more. Through Dcode Accelerate, Trueface was able to quickly scale its federal market presence, especially in the Department of Defense.

“Dcode has provided invaluable insight into working with the government and how to navigate a very complex set of buyers. By partnering with Dcode we have accelerated our path to working with the United States Government,” said Trueface CEO Shaun Moore.

Facial recognition technology has dozens of other important use cases for government agencies and organizations, such as digitizing obligatory in-person tasks like visa registration or increasing security by using multi-factor authentication along with facial recognition. With a trusted partner, navigating the federal procurement process can lead to long-term, stable revenue and the opportunity to better serve Americans with innovative technology.

Does the federal government need your tech? Learn more about how Dcode Accelerate helps tech companies like Trueface scale in the federal market at