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Sema: Making Software Evaluation Easy for Government

May 1, 2020 / Dcode

Sema brings transparency to software development.

A good comparison to understand Sema’s technology is sales. There are so many data tools to analyze sales — revenue targets, sales stages, and other metrics all designed to understand the state of the sales efforts team and how salespeople are contributing.

Now think about code. Few people understand code well enough to evaluate the techniques behind it.

Sema aims to make evaluating code as easy as evaluating sales.

Sema’s technology translates complex code into metrics that are easy for non-developers to understand, analyzes the quality of the code, and the knowledge and capability of those developing it.

Sema is the only company that can analyze code and provide a monetary value of “tech debt,” a value associated with how many inefficiencies or errors the code in questions has and estimates how much fixing them would cost.

Sema already helps private sector organizations like private equity and other financial services firms lower their software maintenance costs and run more efficiently to boot, and the company is looking forward to working with the government to do the same. Think of tech failures like the first attempt. Sema’s technology evaluates code to prevent these kinds of issues.

Sema can help government agencies:

  • Evaluate third-party development services
  • Provide developers with self-improvement and managers with coaching opportunities to help their developers get even better at their craft
  • Gain insight into development efforts
  • Understand code quality at any point throughout projects

The best part is Sema’s technology works unbelievably fast and is easy to use. Sema is able to synthesize information in a matter of hours or days. Even the most complex implementations generally take less than one day to be completed, allowing personnel and resources to focus on driving the mission forward, rather than remedial maintenance activities.

Sema completed Dcode’s accelerator to demystify the federal procurement process and hone its go-to-market strategy. Sema CEO Matt Van Itallie attests that “Dcode made the complicated and risky effort of entering the federal market an absolutely positive experience.”

As a Dcode alumni company, Sema is fully vetted for federal and well-equipped to help agencies evaluate their code and developers. In fact, Sema has already won a Phase I SBIR with the Air Force to evaluate their developers, evaluate old code to inform system modernization efforts, and support Program Officers overseeing software projects.

Sema can help federal agencies and organizations focus on the future. Sema’s solutions transform software maintenance and provide unmatched visibility into code and development, enabling agencies to make informed decisions on everything related to code and development. We see a bright future for Sema in the federal market.

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