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Imandra: AI that helps the government analyze… AI

May 27, 2020 / Dcode

Imandra’s artificial intelligence analyzes other artificial intelligence. Yes, you read that right.

In other words, Imandra’s tech is a cloud-scale automated reasoning engine. Everyone else’s tech produces algorithms and models. Imandra takes those and interrogates them, finds biases, and ensures transparency for users. Imandra can encode fairness, regulations, and add governance. Imandra can mathematically describe models’ possible future behaviors, perform simulations, and find weak points. The fundamental issue is that a typical AI algorithm can take in infinitely many possible inputs – Imandra’s AI reasons about all of them. For a user such as the DoD, this makes all the difference.

Imandra is off to a great start in the commercial market. The company closed a $5 million raise in April of last year, and recently announced a partnership with Itiviti, expanding Imandra’s reach and capitalizing on the opportunity to automate and govern the critical infrastructure in the financial industry.

As the government rapidly adopts machine learning and artificial intelligence, federal agencies need tools to evaluate the new technology.

This is where Imandra comes in. Here’s how Imandra can help the government:

  • Planning and decision-making

The Department of Defense goes to great lengths to ensure mission planning is airtight. The vast amount of data Imandra can analyze can increase preparedness by analyzing all possible actions, understanding the consequences, and providing data that can influence decisions, even in field situations like combat that require split-second reactions.

  • System analysis and testing

Imandra can evaluate new products for safety, ensure existing products are operating correctly and identify causes of malfunction, keeping complex government systems running more efficiently.

  • AI algorithm analysis

As government agencies increasingly rely on advanced AI algorithms, it’s extremely important to understand the weaknesses and attack surfaces of the software. Imandra can prevent counter AI strategies by identifying weaknesses before adversaries do.

Imandra graduated from Dcode Accelerate in the spring of 2020 with 11 other AI and big data companies. where they honed their federal strategy, built out use cases, and refined their federal pitches, so they can help their government audience understand all the ways their complex software can help. Imandra is fully vetted for the federal market and ready to help the government by ensuring safety, minimizing risk, and uncovering weaknesses.

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